When using our delivery services, you give JFC Landscaping and Sod permission to locate and leave the purchased landscape materials on your property if installation services are not requested in advance. The customer understands that heavy trucks and equipment are used and needed to make deliveries. Any request or direction given by the owner or owners represented to place delivered materials on the client’s property alleviates JFC Landscaping and Sod from any responsibility to potential damage.

JFC Landscaping and Sod makes best efforts but does not guarantee the exact placement of materials. The requested placement location of materials will be reviewed by the delivery driver. If no customer or customer representative is available to provide JFC Landscaping and Sod a drop location, JFC Landscaping and Sod will drop on the driveway or the location the driver sees fit.

When using our delivery services, you acknowledge that JFC Landscaping and Sod is not liable for damages incurred on your property. JFC Landscaping and Sod is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the client’s property during delivery by any of our trucks, vehicles, specialized delivery equipment or personal. It is the customers and/or customers representative’sresponsibility to provide and install any protection to the customer’s property that may be required for deliveries.