Sodding in Tampa Bay

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The Simple Path to a Luscious Lawn

Many landscaping companies will only apply sod to a lawn after they’ve learned that seeding the property won’t work. That means having to wait your way through the disappointment of ineffective seeding, which can waste you a lot of time. While germination speeds vary between grass-types, you can expect to wait up to 12 weeks before you see any results. During that time, heavy rain could wash away your soil or high winds could blow those seeds towards the seashore!

With our years of experience, we’ve learned a lot about lawns. We’ve become adept at determining which properties will thrive from seeding and which ones won’t. We’re able to save our clients a whole lot of time by recommending a layer of sod at the very outset. And when it comes to sod, we know how to approach every single installation. With our services comes the guarantee of picture-perfect results!

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The Importance of Healthy Soil

Some companies show up to a property and quickly begin laying the sod over a landscape. You won’t catch us being so hasty, though. As professional landscapers, we are firm believers in the importance of planning and preparation.

The preliminary stages of the sodding process are incredibly important. During your consultation with us, we’ll check the quality of your property’s soil. Why do we do this? Well, if your soil is unhealthy, then your lawn will never thrive. When inspecting your soil, we check the pH level with our commercial-grade soil test kit and make sure it has a depth of approximately 6 inches.

If your soil needs to be revitalized that’s not a problem at all. We’ll add a healthy layer of soil to your property and also mix in healthy organic compost for good measure.

Excellent Sod Installation Services

Once we’ve determined that your soil is ready for a healthy layer of sod, we’ll make quick and easy work of the installation process. In no time at all, your lawn will be covered in a healthy layer of sod that is a perfect fit for Tampa Bay’s humid subtropical climate.

And don’t worry, if you’re not sure which type of sod you want for your property—just ask us! Our staff is approachable and always available to answer any of your questions.

The Grass Is Always Greener with JFC Landscaping & Sod LLC

There are many benefits to be had with sod. You get instant results, a solid defense against erosion, fewer weed problems, and more. But those benefits can quickly wash away without the proper team by your side. For the best results, stick with us!

The Best Sodding Services in Tampa Bay

Why do you need sod in your yard? Have you noticed any erosion lately, especially after a heavy rain? A fresh layer of sod can fix that problem as it takes root in your soil. When the next stop comes, you can rest easy knowing your lawn will remain intact through the night. On the other hand, sod just looks fantastic on any home. It instantly improves your curb appeal and gives your pets and kids a nice cushion under their feet.

Preliminary Precaution: Check for Sodding Obstacles

Any yard might have an irrigation system, utility lines or pipes running through the front or back yard. Sometimes, it’s a necessary part of the space’s construction, but those hidden lines can interfere with the growth on your new sod if they are less than 1.5 feet deep.

We don’t want any hiccups in the full sod or re-sod process to come, so we always check your yard for potential obstacles before moving forward. If we do find anything noteworthy, we’ll speak with you immediately and discuss your options moving forward.

Our Method for Great Sod Installation

We’ve been in the sod business for years, so we have this process down like a well-oiled machine. We do everything possible to give your sod a great start so it will sit well and happy in your yard. Here’s how we operate:

  • Remove any existing sod or lawn elements.
  • Till the earth at least 4 inches deep and no more than 6 inches.
  • Remove any debris as a result of the first two steps, including weeds, rocks and clods.
  • Add compost and soil mixtures to existing soil as needed to create a hospitable environment for sod.
  • Rake and level the area to receive sod.
  • Apply fertilizer to the leveled soil to prepare it for sod installation.
  • Roll out the sod and install it while checking for quality and accuracy.

What Sod Is Best for Tampa Bay?

The best sod for your home might be different from the homeowner up the hill. Why? Perhaps your yard doesn’t have any trees for shade and is constantly in the sunlight. You might require a more hot-tempered grass as a result. Four popular grass types are:

  • St. Augustine Grass: This one is excellent for tropical or very hot climates. It’s great in a drought but it prefers a high water intake.
  • Bermuda Grass: This type does well in warm climates and is also resistant to drought. It requires less maintenance than St. Augustine grass.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass: If you usually experience a few freezes in the winter, this might be your match.
  • Fine Fescue: This one does well in cool climates and has an impressive drought tolerance.

Are you ready to get started on your own sod project? To get started with a consultation, give JFC Landscaping & Sod LLC a call and one of our trained professionals will be happy to help you. If you have any questions about the best grass type for you or any step of our process, don’t hesitate to ask. If you’d prefer we reach out to you, fill out our quick contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.